GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2013 Sahana Software Foundation

Portable App Dynamic Creation for Vesuvius Platform

by Akila Ravihansa Perera for Sahana Software Foundation

A portable application for Sahana Vesuvius platform can be deployed into a portable device (typically application files will be stored on a fast flash drive) which is not necessarily connected to the Internet. A user can directly launch the portable app without any pre-configuration or installation of any software (Apache, MySQL, PHP). The user will be able to work on Vesuvius in offline mode (no Internet connectivity). This portable app is essentially a portable AMP stack and Vesuvius PHP code deployed to ‘www’ root in the portable app. It acts like a local server in a host device and if WiFi/Bluetooth support is enabled in this device (which is the usual case for portable devices), other nearby WiFi/Bluetooth enabled devices within the communication range are able to connect to the host device which runs a local instance of Vesuvius (let’s call it child instance). One of the important features of the portable app is the data synchronization of missing/found persons with the statically deployed Vesuvius instance (let’s call it parent instance) whenever a stable network connection is established between the child instance and the parent instance.