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Google Summer of Code 2013 Freenet Project Inc

Android support for darknet connections

by Nitesh Bharadwaj for Freenet Project Inc

A P2P platform like freenet should definitely have an Android version. Since it is a resource intensive application, it might consume a lot of battery/data. My objective is to utilize the technologies, pre-built into android (Wi-Fi direct and QR), to save upon battery/data and to make it user friendly where ever possible. The power problem is overcome by making two versions of the application, a resource intensive and a light weight. The resource intensive application runs on laptops,homeservers etc. while light weight application on android mobiles. These two applications communicate with each other over Wi-Fi direct (i.e. no data/internet connectivity is required). We plan to use QR code as a means to establish darknet connections. Two nodes connect when they scan each other's QR codes. This provides a very user friendly and secure alternative to run darknet in a censored environment. Finally, we plan to utilize Wi-Fi direct for exchanging popular content on the data stores when two nodes meet. This lessens the burden on actual internet connectivity With smart phones, smart cameras and smart TV sets evolving. this project appears rewarding.